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Rev. Alan lackwood

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My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… (Hosea 4:6)


If this verse was true in the prophet’s day, it is certainly true today. A startling majority of those who call themselves “Christians” are woefully ignorant of even the most basic of Bible doctrines. More, they demonstrate little knowledge or understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Pastors have left off teaching for empire building and have left their people defenseless against rampant false teaching, secularism, and atheism. Instead of cursing the darkness, I choose to light, not a candle, but a beacon. It is time to shred the shadows and drive back the night. Instead of apologetics and semantics, this site is dedicated to the simple exposition of the Word of God. So, let it begin here… let it begin now!


I have been involved in the ministry of preaching and teaching God’s Word for nearly four decades. I have served in three churches and have taken several trips to Romania to preach and teach the Word. I have taught courses in Bible, voice, speech, English, and church history on the college level.


I hold to a literal interpretation of the Scripture except where the context demands otherwise. I am Pre -Trib and Pre – Millenial in my Eschatology. I will let my teaching reveal my other doctrinal positions.


The Archive is a collection of verse by verse book studies that spanned six years of daily radio broadcasts. Originally aired on the radio as “The Bible Says,” this material is presented here as a resource for those desiring a better understanding of the Scripture. From time to time the listener will find some dated material or a reference to some local event. These are after all, radio broadcasts from the past few years. However, the truths presented are timeless. Updates will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays (to the best of my ability).


While this site is NOT a forum for opposing views, I welcome sincere questions from those wanting to learn the Truth from God’s Word. May the Lord bless your study of the Word, and may He be glorified in your life as you learn of Him.


Rev. Alan Blackwood




5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Alan.. Jerry Sullivan here. Happy to see that you are still ministering to Gods children! Are you still doing knife work? Blessings on Fathers Day.. Jerry

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