I Corinthians 10:31-33

As you will have noticed, there is a lack of “user-friendliness” if you are wanting to find a session from an earlier book study. If you look at the lower right side of the screen and scroll down, you will see a long column of months and years beginning with the most recent postings and descending to the earliest post. For your convenience, beginning with the first post and ascending in the order in which they were posted, I am listing each book study by the month/year in which it first began.  Ephesians – February, 2014; Colossians – April, 2015; Revelation – January, 2016; I John – June, 2018; II John – January, 2019; – III John – February, 2019; I Thessalonians – March, 2019; II Thessalonians – July, 2019; and I Corinthians – September, 2019.

Locate the book and the beginning month, and then browse ’til you find the passage you wanted. Admittedly, it’s not the most efficient, but it does work. May God bless your study.

Rev. Alan Blackwood


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